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optical Protein patterning

Single-cell Laser axotomy

Protein patterns made using LAPAP. The full width of both images is 200microns

PEOPLE involved

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We have developed a laser-based technology to induce single-cell laser damage to neurons in culture. We combine ultrashort pulse nanosurgery and time-lapse microcopy to study the evolution of cell networks after axonal damage.

PEOPLE involved

Leonard Levin

Ali Almasieh

Loïc Binan

Only one neuron in the culture has been damaged and is labeled for Annexin V

Ocular biomechanics

We developed imaging technologies to assess biomechanical properties of the human eye. Using Fourier Domain - Low Coherence Interferometry, we are able to follow the movement of different retinal layers with micron precision in real time.

PEOPLE involved

Maribel Hidalgo
Javier Mazzaferri
Mark Lesk
Luke Beaton
Félix Lalonde
Diane Sayah

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